Pea Guacamole with Seared Shrimps, Cherry tomatoes, Onion & Grapes 14

Semi cured sea bream with agratti salad, sifnean bagel & red pepper vinaigrette 13

hummus with Grilled octopus, fried artichokes, black olive powder & citrus oil 18

Smoked eggplant with parsley salad, tahini, pomegranate, spring onion & tomato confi 9

Tabbouleh with cucumber, hazel nut, herbs & sundried tomato 11

Potato salad with black eyed peas, herb vinaigrette, onion & smoked almonds 9

Main Courses 

Potato gnocchi with beetroot pesto, black garlic emulsion, pistachios & king oyster 17

Sea bass fillet with quinoa crust, agratti, lemon & olive oil emulsion, kiwi salsa verde 20

Slow cooked pork cheeks, green apple puree, Chives & fermented garlic-Honey 18

Beef flank steak with bean puree, wild garlic pesto & puffed beans 25


Dark Chocolate Namelaka, golden brownie, salted caramel, cocoa sand & pomegranate gel 10

Baklava roll with tonka cream, black lemon sorbet & cardamom 10